03 July, 2010

5 C's of Effective Communication

Clarity - Articulate Clearly :

To get a better grip on bringing your thoughts clearly and in a way to reach the public, Practice some tongue twisters. Whats so important to have a clear speech? It is simple, If your words are not clear to be understandable, your message never reaches the public.

Correctness - Speak Correctly

Clear words alone cannot make an effective communication. The clear words uttered by you, must make sense to the listeners. In order to make that happen, you must 1.Develop your grammar skills 2. Improve your vocabulary 3. Convey a proper speech which must be your first priority

Considerateness - Be Considerate :

Be considerate to others with proper eye contact, good attitude,whining smile. These would gain their attention and will make them more comfortable and attentive.

Compliments - Give Compliments :

A proper compliment at the right time, brings the best in that person. It acts as the best source of encouragement. So always recognize well done jobs and congratulate those accomplishments.

Confidence - Have Confidence

The most important foundation for anything you do. Let it be speech or any work, without a confidence that you are going to perform better success is not easy to reach. It is always true that, Confidence communicator is the successful communicator and one who can win the hearts of his listeners.

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